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Window Support Systems has taken the lead once again, with the design of a new Cable Stud addressing safety concerns with the use of screwdrivers.

The safety issue is how and where a screwdriver is used. With windows that have cables running down the mullions, cable tension adjustments are made at the bottom of the window. To adjust cable tension, a hex nut is turned on a threaded cable stud, which extends down under the window. In many cases the cable stud must be held from turning when this adjustment is being done. The conventional method was adding a slot on the bottom of the stud, and then hold it from turning with a straight blade screwdriver. The problem with this method is not only the fact it is very difficult to keep a screwdriver in place when making this adjustment, but also the angle needed to hold the stud, has the blade pointing up at the installers upper body and face. We addressed this safety issue by removing the slot and adding a small 3/16 hex to the ends of our cable studs. Now the stud can be held with a small wrench instead of a screwdriver.

Window Support Systems has made a commitment to supply our customers with high quality safe products. By working closely with window manufactures, we have taken Bay and Bow support to new levels.

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